1. See, Hear: The Roots Live in Philadelphia (1993).

    Here is a live performance by The Roots early in their career (the youtube description states it’s actually their first ever… can anyone out there on the Interwebz confirm this?). How early? Well, the host of the show is rockin’ a CB4 hat, so that should clue you in. Band members ?uestlove, Black Thought, Scott Storch, Leonard Hubbard and Malik B are all on point as they play selections from Organix , including “Grits” and “Essawhamah?”, at the Painted Bride Art Center in Philly. Sadly, it’s only snippets of each song, but it’s definitely cool to see how the group went from humble beginnings to international recognition.


    (Props to icestro & stuckfrompoker.com for the upload.)

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