1. ego trip Movie Night Double Feature: The Pilot (1984) / Spintronix Documentary Generations (2012).

    Remembered (and loved) by almost everyone who first saw it on TV back in the mid ’80s, The Pilot is an after school type bit of cheesy fun story wise, but elevated by the scenes of authentic breakin’ and a score by Egyptian Lover . It stars Kelly Jo Minter ( A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child , The People Under The Stairs , Mask ) as an insecure teenager tryin’ to fit in school, who in the process, unexpectedly ends up in a battle with real-life breaker Adolph “OZ-ROCK” Alvarez (R.I.P.). The entertaining 22-minute short film also features Richard “Skate” Diaz, Nick “Flair” Gonzales, Mandel Torres, and James “Bic” Breene, with at least one of them serving as a body double for Minter’s pilot-uniformed dance scenes. (Also look out for the late Kim “Popsicle” Delfin , who appeared in the video for “Raspberry Beret.”)

    Following up is Generations , the 2012 documentary on Spintronix , the influential mobile DJ crew from Daly City, CA. The predominantly Filipino-American Bay Area massive that started in 1985 and continues to this day as a corporation has never stopped evolving. Tracing back to the roots of the crew, we get to hear from co-founders Chris Miguel , Dino Rivera , and Kormann Roque and learn how the high school students captured the ears and eyes of the Bay with their awesome four turntable mixes and flashy four-sound-systems-in-one-room parties. The doc features interviews with Invisibl Skratch Piklz Shortkut and Yogafrog , as well as journalist Oliver “O-Dub” Wang . (The pics of a young-ass Qbert are a must-see.)


    The Pilot (1984).

    Directed by Michael Rhodes

    (Props to BasementGeeeeees for the upload)

    The Pilot (1984)

    The Pilot (1984)

    The Pilot (1984)

    Generations (Spintronix Documentary) (2012).

    Directed by Ramon Diaz Portugal III

    (Thanks to Eons One ‏& Tape Mastah Steph)

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