1. The Loser's Seat: Anti-Valentine's Day Soul Mix.


    Two years ago for Valentine's Day, I recorded this soul mix as an installment of my now defunct Spine Magazine radio show, "Spine Blowing Decisions." It's a collection of some classy '60s and '70s crossover soul 45s - most of which share the distinction of being melodically catchy, but lyrically largely about heartbreak, doubt, and/or misery. To me these have always been the best kind of soul records. As I wrote two years ago when I posted something about this mix on my shitty old blogspot blog: "... if you're bummed out because you're alone and hate Valentine's Day you'll hopefully dig the show because the songs are all somewhat sad and you can wallow in your own misery. If you're not so sad you'll still dig the show because all the tunes are so finger-snapping-ly catchy. It's a win-win situation."

    I always liked this mix (an heir apparent to the "Bumpshop After Hours" soul mixes I did for Truth & Soul Records circa 2007/2008). Since it appears to have disappeared from the Interwebz, I figured it was worthy of a re-up via the magic of Soundcloud. Plus, I never posted the playlist before for whatever reason. Listen to it below, and peep the tracks below that.

    TSU Toronadoes – Got to Get Through to You
    Lee Shot Williams – It Ain’t Me No More
    Billy Easton – Why Can’t This Time
    Ray Frazier & the Shades of Madness – Lonliness
    Tony Drake – Suddenly
    The Mist – Life Walked Out
    Joni Wilson – Let Hurt Put You In the Loser’s Seat/The Parliaments – All Your Goodies Are Gone
    The Emotions – I Love You But I’ll Leave You
    Sly Slick & Wicked – Surely Is You Or Is You Ain't My Baby
    Superlatives – Don’t Let True Love Die
    Johnny Moore – What More Can I Do
    Oscar Weathers – Just to Prove I Love You
    Living Color – Gotta Strange Feeling
    Barbara West – Congratulations Baby
    Gene Chandler – Don’t Have to Be Lying Babe
    Lorraine Rudolph – Keep Coming Back For More
    Chocolate Syrup – You’re Off & Runnin’
    Barbara West - Congratulations Baby
    Ilana – Where Would You Be
    John Edwards – The Look on Your Face
    George Wilson – Come Back To Me
    Dee Dee Warwick – Where Is That Rainbow
    Manhattans – The Picture Became Quite Clear
    Harvey Averne – Love Never Stays the Same
    The Mystics – That’s the Kind of Love


    One more thing... I also want to make mention the Manhattans track, "The Picture Became Quite Clear," that I included towards the end. Some time prior to recording this show I got hip to an incredible vintage music video of the song via Dante Carfagna. It's since been turned up in pretty good quality on youtube. Apparently, footage of the group with its original lead singer, George "Smitty" Smith, is tough to come by. Here, Smith is very well represented. As is Washington Square Park of the early '70s. Enjoy!

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