1. The Hue ft. Ladybug Mecca — “Slick" (MUSIC VIDEO).


    Cool like dat.

    Directed by Damien Randle

    [Via Mass Appeal ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • bboycult

      When the Kappas and a Delta decide to play @ emceeing ....
      I guess this I gotta pretend to be a bougie/talented 10th again; in order to get close to the Ladybug Meccas of the world ....again.

      Remember when this scene boringly snored itself into Slam/Spoken Word.....it's the Return of The ....oh I don't even give a fuck.

      Pardon me.....I'm on my male mid-life faux-menstruation.

    • Grandfather Cloc

      Really or are they just paying homage

      do the math. This collective has been making music since 2007

    • bboycult

      Say Word?! ....Since way way back in 2007 huh? You don't say? Well I'll be John Browned !? I am going to give this track another listen again right.......Never!

    • Grandfather Cloc

      Tell em why you mad bro....LOL!!!