1. The D.O.C. Reveals He Might Be Regaining His Normal Voice (AUDIO).

    Back in 2011, The D.O.C. was contemplating undergoing stem cell surgery overseas to help restore his vocal chords that were damaged in an 1989 auto accident. Ultimately, he did not go through with the procedure, but as it turns out, it might have not been necessary since the rapper with the raspy voice made a startling announcement recently on Sirius Satellite Radio’s From The Press Box To Press Row show (hosted by Donal Ware).

    “About a year and a half ago, my voice started coming back on its own. And if I concentrate,” The D.O.C. told Ware in a suddenly clear tone, “I can speak with a natural speaking voice again.”

    While he acknowledges that he’s not sure if he’ll fully get his voice back, this is at least a positive development that hopefully only gets better from here on out.

    About 9 minutes in is when Doc starts talking about his voice. He demonstrates his ability to manipulate his voice a few times throughout the rest of the interview (like around the 18:30 mark, for example). Check it out.

    [Via AFH ]

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