1. The Coup ft. Das Racist & Killer Mike – “WAVIP” (AUDIO).

    True, The Coup ‘s forthcoming Sorry To Bother You gets the thumbs up from us based solely on its, ahem, riotous album cover. But the fact that the LP also features a track on which the great Boots Riley is joined by guests Killer Mike and Das Racist – well, that’s just icing on the cake, right there. “WAVIP” (chorus: “We’re all VIP – I’m talkin’ every motherfucker in my hood and me”) is ostensibly about self-worth – a theme more pertinent than ever in the era of varying percent nations. But how the participants spin it depends on who’s rapping. Mike is not surprisingly hella fired up; Boots – wryly insightful as per usual; Kool AD and Himanshu – stoned crazy. Extra props for the “Big Beat” rhythm and bass fuzz. Sorry To Bother You drops on Halloween on Antirecords. Pre-order it, HERE .

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