1. The Cornel West Theory — Coming From The Bottom (AUDIO).


    (Cover Art: Tim Hicks)

    CWT says: This album was conceived with everyday people in mind. It was not created according to the rules of the ever failing music industry. It was composed, arranged, mixed, and produced with the underdog in mind. It was created as an album for anyone in the world who has ever experienced struggle, hardship, and pain. It was created with the lower class in mind.....the class rarely if ever mentioned in the speeches of politicians and mainstream rappers.

    During the creation and completion of this album, many of us, both as a band and individually, faced certain obstacles and calamities while continuing to fight artistically, mentally, physically, and spiritually. If you're going thru it now, or have ever gone thru it, this album is for you. It's never about staying at the bottom. It's about the rise from below. The will to continue despite all one may face. This album is for y'all.

    All songs composed, produced, arranged, and mixed by Tim Hicks for The Cornel West Theory

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