1. The Best of Racism, 5.7.12


    This sign in front of a Georgia bar calling President Obama the n-word ain't exactly customer friendly, unless you're racist, of course. Watch Atlanta Fox 5's news report video for the bar owner's explanation (and even more racy stuff in the news) after the jump...

    1. Georgia Bar's Sign Refers to Obama as N-Word... But Owner Says He's Not Racist.

    The Georgia Peach Oyster Bar - Draketown, GA - where it's always Happy Hour for White Supremacy.

    2. Phil Mushnick, Of "New York N-----s" Shame: I'm Not A Racist - I Outed Marge Schott!

    Is the New York Post columnist a racist for using the n-word in his column last week about Jay-Z's influence on the direction of the Brooklyn Nets? Based on his response to the controversy, and to quote The Voice : "Mushnick may not be a racist, but he's definitely an idiot."
    [ Village Voice ]

    3. FHM Models 2011 Winner Involved in Racist Twitter Controversy.

    Model Jessica Leandra dos Santos drops the "k-word" ("kaffir" - the equivalent of the n-word in South Africa) on Twitter (and unleashes other gems like the tweet above). FHM South Africa subsequently drops her. Not model behavior to be sure.
    [ Life Is Savage ]

    4. Second Model Responds to FHM Model's Twitter Racism By Tweeting, "I Wish All White People Were Killed..."

    Model-on-model race baiting. When will the vicious cycle of bigotry and bulimia end?!?
    [ Thought Leader ]

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