1. Termanology Makes a Beat With a Lil' Help From His Baby Daughter. (VIDEO)


    At the risk of looking like a bunch of softies, we thought it was cool that rapper Termanology (who a lot of us didn't know is also a producer) found the sample for a beat he made for the upcoming Wu-Block project while watching a kid's flick with his baby girl.

    It seems that the animated Robots is one of the movies that Term's cute child likes a lot. While peeping it with her one day, the MC/beatmaker heard a Tom Waits song (which you can hear if you click on the gallery above) that caught his attention and proceeded to flip it. Here we get to see exactly how he constructed that track in the studio.


    [Via 2DBZ ]

    How Termanology Makes Beats.

    Directed by Dante Luna.

    Tom Waits – "Underground"

    Featured in the movie, Robots (2005)

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • uggh.

      Didn't imagine that i could hate Termanology more and then he goes and makes a shitty beat from TOM WAITS UNDERGROUND WHICH HE DISCOVERED WATCHING A KID'S MOVIE. What a cunt.

    • 357 NYC

      I doubt Rain Dogs was a big hit in Terms neighborhood. IMO who cares what leads you to find new music and artists as long as its appreciated and done correctly and Term definitely respects the art of hip hop and has a clear passion for it..