1. Nobody Ever Told Us Teen Witch (1989) Was So Hip-Hop (VIDEO).


    OK, you got us. We've never seen the 1989 teeny bopper fantasy romcom Teen Witch . (Actually, we never even heard of it, and we're all old enough to have gone to the movies in '89 to see it — without our parents.)

    Apparently millions have already enjoyed this scene featuring death defying dance moves and the rap smash "Top That!" that we most definitely slept on until now. Check homegirl's supersonic flow. We hope JJ Fad got broke off some cash, yo.

    "Look at how funky he is."

    (Props to glows for the upload)

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://twitter.com/bushytopthegod bushytop

      you must not have had an older sister and/or a neighbor with hbo. top that.

    • DJ Mike G

      Saw this many times when I was ten years old and it was on HBO like err Saturday! Top that!

    • mtume

      holy shit i remember this...this shit mighta been the first time i heard rap dammmmm...top that

    • Megan

      such a feel good movie love it!!!