1. Ted Bawno Interview in "Mega Laser" Magazine.


    The cool Swedish publication Fake Oakley Sunglasses Mega Laser Magazine ran on their website today this exclusive Q+A with trillionaire ego trip founder Theodore Aloysius Bawno. The world famous TBM leader waxes about everything from rapper Benzino to the extensive charity work done by the Ted Bawno Ministries to the current financial crisis gripping the country. He also lets his uncensored opinions about the state of rap music. Here's an excerpt: Cheap Oakleys

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    "Hip hop [right now] is all about tight jeans and Drake rappin’ like a werewolf on American television. I miss rap when it was undeniably black, when guys like Lord Finesse, Wu-Tang and Mobb Deep would wear gold teeth, openinly eat fried chicken AND sleep with white women. Now, everything is ”safe.” I want my rappers to snatch a chain before, during and AFTER the concert!"
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    To read the entire interview, click Fake Oakleys here .

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