1. NEW MUSIC: Tanya Morgan - "Lessondary Radio: ARMY Edition" Mixtape (Free Download).


    Two and a half years and a few solo projects past its wonderful Brooklynati LP, Brooklyn-Cincinnati crew Tanya Morgan returns with the Lessondary Radio: ARMY Edition mixtape for free download . LR:AE - which drops in advance of the forthcoming You and What Army EP, arriving November 22nd - finds potnas Von Pea and Donwill (Ilyas is on sabbatical) adding their trademark loosely dispensed, cleverly composed verses to the likes Shad's "Rose Garden" and Estelle/Rick Ross' "Break My Heart" - the occasional remix like Donwill's "Vivrant Thing"-rework of the Hi Fidelity -inspired "Top 5 Breakups" included as well. Might sound random to the uninitiated - but like everything the Morganites touch, they manage to make the material their own. Get it, HERE .

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