1. Talib Kweli vs. Diabolic & Remedy (AUDIO).

    “Peace- would you call yourself pro black, racist, or both???” : This beef seemingly started back in April when white rapper and Wu-Tang affiliate Remedy called Talib Kweli out on Twitter. It didn’t take long for white rapper Diabolic to insert himself into the discussion. After some back and forth, Talib decided to collect his thoughts on the matter in an essay he titled “When ‘White Fragility’ Affects Rappers: The True Tale of Why Remedy and Diabolic Need to Have Several Seats.” The war of words continued on Twitter after that until the shit finally hit the booth with Diabolic recording a dis track first and Talib responding a short while after.

    Diabolic — “IneKwelity” (Talib Kweli Diss) (AUDIO).

    Produced by Junior Makhno

    Talib Kweli — “You Tried It” (Diabolic & Remedy Diss) (AUDIO).

    Produced By J. Rawls

    Remedy — “120” (Talib Kweli Diss) (AUDIO).

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