1. Talib Kweli vs. CNN’s
    Don Lemon: Heated Discussion Over News Network’s Coverage of The Ferguson Protests (VIDEO).


    After Killer Mike spoke about the Mike Brown killing by police , it was Talib Kweli ’s turn to address the conflict in Missouri, but was put off by CNN reporter Don Lemon ’s demeanor and the channel’s presentation of the events happening in Ferguson.

    (h/t ANIMAL )

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • bboycult

      They both need a DO OVER ...it's imperative that those two types of black male voices find a way to communicate effectively w/each other.

      And also...even though the ' greeting ' premise came off as standoffish, it probably is a necessity if Don Lemon's interview style is to interrupt point by point....the interviewee should have a heads up about that isht!? Haha

    • Hubris Goon Doubloons

      Why is the interviewer arguing with him - It proves the media coverage is biased?