1. ego trip Movie Night: Surfpunks (1981).

    This Dutch TV documentary captures all the suburban teen angst amongst Southern California punk rock fans of the early ’80s who’d wear Nazi swastikas on t-shirts, stage dive, get bloody in mosh pits, do drugs, and run away from home just to combat the boredom in their lives. In between the interviews there is some well-shot performance footage of groups like Unit3 with Venus (a band/family with a 9-year-old lead singer), a very early version of Suicidal Tendencies , 45 Grave , China White , The Germs , and, voice of reason, Phranc . Also, Casey Cola shares her experiences with Darby Crash and she and others talk about the impact his death had on the scene.

    (Props to JessyDrastic for the upload)

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