1. Supermodel Kate Upton Jokes Around With Big Boi in the Studio (VIDEO).

    Seems headphone company Skullcandy has got themselves a series called “Take A Supermodel To Work” starring blonde bombshell Kate Upton and this time around she hits the studio to hook up with Big Boi , who is supposed to show her how to make a hip-hop hit but is instead preoccupied playing video games with NFL wide receiver Stevie Johnson . By the way, how do we apply for this Bring a Supermodel to Work thing? Bikini-clad Brazilian babes reading us Tweets and sharing coffee on the couch while listening to Gang Starr all day would be great for morale around here.


    Skullcandy Presents: "Take A Supermodel To Work" Episode 2 ft. Kate Upton, Big Boi, & Stevie Johnson (VIDEO).

    [Via Skullcandy ]

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