1. Supa Dave West —
    Beat Boxing


    With co-signs from De La , Common , Ghostface , and other notable and respected artists, Supa Dave West is a gifted producer no doubt. For further proof, here is his impressive instrumental LP, Beat Boxing , which is out now .

    Supa Dave told The Source : Beat Boxing is more of a concept in the fact that I had the original idea to make an effort to document how I put music together. I wanted to paint an audio art statement. I’ve been doing music for a long time and I have never had a specific style per se. I do a lot of things musically as the task calls for, real construction, and Beat Boxing is my first installment as a solo artist. I felt the first effort should give an idea of my range as a producer/artist; I want to give snap shots of things to come, but also display how I visualize sound. I also wanted to produce an album that had legs to stand on, but moved quick — exciting and unpredictable.


    Props to Couleen LaGon

    [Via The Source ]

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