1. Listen to this Summer West Coast Rap All Vinyl Mix by DJ Superix for Southern Hospitality (AUDIO).

    Fire up them barbecues, really doe.


    DJ Superix — Twelve 12′s Live Vinyl Mix (Summer West Coast Rap Special) Track List:

    Twinz – Eastside LB (LP Version)
    DFC – Things in The Club
    Warren G – So Many Ways (Remix)
    Domino – Sweet Potato Pie
    Mad CJ Mac – Come And Take A Ride (LP Version)
    The Conscious Daughters – Something To Ride To (Fonky Expedition) (Clean Remix)
    KAM – Pull Ya Hoe Card (Remix)
    Seagram – If The World Was Mine
    Coz – Keep My Soul (LP Version)
    Blackjack – Whatever It Takes (Clean Version)
    Jayo Felony – Sherm Stick (LP Version)
    Ahmad – Back In The Day (Dividends Remix)

    [Via SH ]

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