1. Dude Makes Boomboxes Out of Vintage Suitcases (VIDEO).

    Hailing from Illinois, Floyd A. Davis is a jack of all trades. Amongst his various handles are the titles of carpenter and artist, two skills which play a big part in the creation of his business called Artpentry . One of Artpentry’s main products is The Gentleman’s Boombox , or vintage suitcases converted into boomboxes, perfect for those who care more about beats than clothes.

    See how Floyd makes these futuristic relics in the following video interview (and peep a few photos,too).


    Artpentry (The Gentleman's Boombox) (VIDEO).

    Interview with Floyd A. Davis. Directed, shot & edited by The Mullet Brothers.

    (Props to bestPCgamereplays for the upload)

    The Gentleman's Boombox (PHOTO).

    The Gentleman's Boombox (PHOTO).

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