1. REWIND: The egotripland Stuff You Probably Missed. Vol 1.

    So… you’re a NEW visitor to egotripland, are ya? Welcome to our hell! It’s a dangerous, hard to navigate place only hardcore hip-hop junkies could stomach. In fact, our website design currently sucks chinchilla nuts. But someday a real rain will come, and wash all this scum off our site, and it’ll become a friendly rap Disneyland overrun by hoards of Jeezy and Dopey and Sneezy fans seeking refuge from the sterility of lazy journalism, uninspired “Best Of” lists, incompetent attempts at humor, and new music downloads by artists who started rapping last month. If you ask us: We. Can’t. Wait. (For our property values to go up!) But until then, stay gully with us and peep some of the filthy goodness buried deep in the bowels of egotripland that you might just actually… love .

    Interview with Blake “KEO” Lethem, Graf legend & Original White Rapper.
    Is KEO, a/k/a Lord Scotch, a/k/a the missing member of 3rd Bass, a/k/a brother of famous author Jonathan Lethem, actually the first honest-to-god Caucasian b-boy? We caught up with this truly fascinating dude during last year’s Maysles Cinema series to see what he thinks. GET INTRIGUED HERE.

    BEHIND THE VIDEO: Dr. Dre feat Snoop Dogg – “Nuthin But A ‘G’ Thang” with Nu View Films Dwight Patillo.
    The crazy, crazy, crayzaaay stories on the making of one of the most recognized music videos of the ’90s (you better recognize) as told by the man responsible for getting Dr. Dre in the director’s chair. An amazing read. Are there rap blog Pulitzers? If so, give us two of them, beyotch — it’s a two-part interview! AMAZE YOURSELF HERE.

    Rap Review Haikus.
    New (well, kinda old now) music (with audio!) reviewed in one of the most popular yet misunderstood forms of poetry, the haiku . An idea from the ego trip brain trust that met an untimely — and some would argue, unfair — end. Pour out a little rice-wine and ponder a franchise that coulda been something. PONDER HERE.

    UNCOVERED: MF Doom & Madlib’s “Madvilliany” with Art Director Jeff Jank.
    In the not too distant future, Stone’s Throw Records will be mentioned right up there with Reid Miles-era Blue Note for their excellence in design. Blame the dopeness on Mr. Jeff Jank (and photog Eric Coleman) who blesses us with notations on how that Madonna-inspired cover came to be. Wait — did we say Madonna ?!?!?! BUG OUT HERE.

    GWOATS: Greatest Worst Rappers Of All-Time.
    What we gonna do right now is go back. Way back. Back to the halcyon days of two-thousand aught-nine, back when this website was just a shitty little Blogspot blog with a dream (of being a shitty WordPress blog). We’re positive that you’ll have something to say about our negativity! ENRAGE YOURSELF HERE.

    Jay Dee: Electric Relaxation.
    Our own “Chairman” Jeff(erson) Mao revisits his 1996 story for Vibe magazine profiling a young upstart producer from Detroit known as Jay Dee, a/k/a J Dilla. Set against the backdrop of the famed New York City Record Convention, a decidedly low-key James Yancey discusses how he came to meet Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest to form the production team, The Ummah. Mao writes an all-new preface to the piece for further perspective. READ IT HERE .

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