1. WATCH: Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito – Red Bull Music Academy Lecture.

    Lecture: Stretch and Bobbito(San Francisco, 2012) from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo .

    Presented for your viewing pleasure: Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia of the famed Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show – a/k/a, the greatest hip-hop radio show of all-time! – sit down with our own Chairman Mao for an entertaining and insightful hour-and-a-half interview/lecture at last week’s Red Bull Music Academy “NYC to SF Bay” program in San Francisco. Yup, long-time fans – it’s all covered here: the nervous early days when, as Stretch puts it, “at least 15 people were listening,” the classic freestyles (Big L with Jay-Z; Nas) and world premiere appearances (Wu-Tang; B.I.G.), the 4AM “Krunchtime” snap sessions – even the time a desperate listener called in seeking legal counsel from Bob after allegedly bucking someone down. Also discussed: why the show eventually ran its course (and episodes of playing records the other person wouldn’t like to piss him off), moving on from hip-hop, and how this particular broadcast with all its quirks and mystique will forever represent a classic New York City sensibility. “Eighty-nine tech-nine” 4eva!

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