1. Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Garcia at the New Museum, New York


    Last Friday at the New Museum in New York, hip-hop broadcast legends Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia sat down for a discussion moderated by ego trip's own Sacha Jenkins . Along with reflections on their shared history, the talk focused on the significant events of the year 1993 and how they related to hip-hop culture in NYC - a topic this triumvirate knows pretty thoroughly, we'd say.

    New Museum: In conjunction with the New Museum exhibition “NYC 1993,” Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia discussed New York City circa 1993 through the lens of rap music. Events like the election of Rudolph Giuliani and the World Trade Center bombing changed the city’s landscape, as debut releases by the Wu-Tang Clan and Black Moon established a new tone for New York rap. With unfiltered access to these artists and their concerns, the Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show provided unique documentation of New York in the 1990s, compiling a history of ideas and gestures that continue to inform today’s artists.


    [Photo: Ming Tzu of Grand Good ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • That Guy In The Front Row

      i fell asleep watchin that, again...


      i love hearin Bobbito tellin stories more than i like hear Stretch Armstrong playin tunes.

      cheers @ NM Education

    • world is bond

      Why the interviewers always suck culo in these potentially amazing interviews?? This guy was so selfish and rude. He should of just shut up and let Stretch & Bob talk. Egocentric prick! Stretch and Bob made me laugh as always though!

    • 357nyc

      Shit was awkward as hell and what's up with Sear not being involved with anything? I would have liked to have heard about the development of fondle em and dolo and the whole ushering in a new movement of hip hop was hip hop went pop...bet bob n stretch will put the reunion shit to bed after this train wreck.