1. UPCOMING: Stephen Powers & Todd James bring “MOCA Art In The Streets” to Brooklyn…for Sale.

    Oh the irony! NYC hometown graf/fine art heroes Stephen Powers (“ESPO”) and Todd James (“REAS”) simultaneously bring back to the east coast their contribution to L.A.’s seminal “Art In The Streets” show AND send a middle finger to the Brooklyn Museum that canceled the show for bullshit political reasons. Its all good tho. In comes ICY SIGNS in downtown Brooklyn to save the day. 5,400 square feet of goddamn mighty fine street art from two of the masters for display and for sale (!) . Get those credit cards ready…

    WHAT: Stephen Powers and Todd James / “Livingston Street Market”
    WHEN: Saturday November 19th, 3pm
    WHERE: 200 Livingston Street, Downtown Brooklyn, 11201

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