1. The Boogie Down Under Radio Show Presents The Steinski Sampler (AUDIO).

    “A collection of rare Steinski pieces including different edits of his well known things like ‘The Payoff Mix’ and ‘The History Of Hip Hop Mix’ he produced with Double Dee.”

    Boogie Down Under Radio Show says: The idea of the Steinski Sampler was to make a 90 minute tape for a friend, to combine a bunch of the mostly unheard tracks from the past few years that Steinski had shared briefly on his site, or from the 2007 WFMU recordings, or just my favourite classics of his, but all on one tape… There are tracks on here that feature some iconic people; Grandmaster Caz, Shelly Pope and Hip-Hop Theater Festival founder, Danny Hoch. The tape also finds sample sources from some fine comic minds; Louis CK, Robin Harris and Richard Pryor. And the general tone is as tongue in cheek/ innovative as ever… Fundamentally, I wanted to highlight that Steinski’s overall sound has developed and progressed as he has used more malleable software, but remained on a similarly charged socio-political path, that hasnt forget how to party.

    “One of only two cassettes created… Special thanks goes out to Irish Craig.”

    [Via GRNDGD ]

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