1. AUDIO: "Stay Hatin'" Podcast Episode 19.

    The latest installment of new rap and unfiltered opinions from Matthew Africa , Serg Dun and Soft Money might suffer from some technical difficulties ("We recorded in Serg’s kitchen and made a little error regarding mic levels — or a series of big errors, we don’t know —what we do know is that for much of the podcast it sounds like Matthew and Serg are trying to scream through a broken drive-thru window"). But the based sound don't mean a damn thing, really, if you ask us — the usual Stay Hatin' quality still shines thru. Tracks by Too $hort (with 50, Twista and Devin), Juvenile, and DJ Premier-produced Apathy & Nas is just a taste musically of what to expect , along with the witty, uncensored commentary you've come to love (or... HATE).

    Listen HERE .

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