1. AUDIO: "Stay Hatin" Podcast, Episode 15.


    You cannot fault the fundamental premise of the Stay Hatin podcast , as its major components are: new rap, opinions on new rap, and - most importantly - beer (the ideal catalyst for provoking unfiltered opinions on new rap). Serg Dun, Matthew Africa, and Soft Money are your hosts . In the latest edition, these gentlemen discuss - and we quote - "important topics of the day, like ranchero cellphone music, Conan comics covers, Lloyd’s resemblance to Gonzo from the Muppets/Scottie Pippen/a face with a penis draped over the nose, etc." They also play new music by A.Dd+, Mobb Deep, Juicy J, Z-Ro, Willie Evans Jr., and Nacho Picasso (whose work we feel compelled to familiarize ourselves with based simply on his name, and this album cover ) and more. Listen

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