1. AUDIO: "Stay Hatin'" Podcast, Episode 23.


    New "Stay Hatin'" podcast, fools. And thanks to the fact that it was recorded previous to last night's Coachella performances, holograms are NOT discussed! Matthew Africa and Serge Dun back (Soft Money sits out this one) with a batch of splendid new music and splendid unfiltered opinions/observations (including: "Rap songs about paternity tests are never not funny" and "I just don't need to hear fuckin' Natalie Portman doing goddamn N.W.A covers or some bullshit so that like hee-haws can be like, oh, that's so funny!"). Includes new music by Dorrough Music (about the Maury paternity test dance), Meek Mill, The Dummiez (the rap puppet super group pictured above), QM, Luke Sick & Eddie K, Quelle Chris, Kendrick Lamar, Mac Mall, Starlito, and much, much more. Also, a warning:

    "As a heads-up: the last third of the show is unusually talky, so depending on whether you see STAY HATIN’ as a series of entertaining conversations interrupted by annoying raps or a series of entertaining raps interrupted by annoying conversations, the tail end may or may not be for you."

    Listen and peep playlist, after the jump...

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    1. Dorrough Music: Maury Show feat. Lil Duval & Yung Nation
    2. Meek Mill: I’m Rollin’ (Fresh Den a Muthafucka)
    3. The Dummiez: Bitches
    4. Feva: Handsome feat. Husalah & Franchise
    5. QM, Luke Sick & Eddie K: Chronic & Kegs
    6. Foxx: Fuck N——- feat. Shizz
    7. Youngin: Shut Up
    8. Quelle Chris: Squabble x Take Me There
    9. Waka Flocka Flame: From the Dirty
    10. Philthy Rich: Family Ties feat. BJ 600 & Lil Joe
    11. Mac Mall: Rebellion Against All There Is
    12. Sadat X: Fake Out
    13. First Serve: We Made It
    14. Billy Woods: Frozen Sunlight feat. Open Mike Eagle & MarQ Spekt
    15. Doc Delay & Godforbid: Sickened by the Sight
    16. Starlito: Substitute
    17. Kendrick Lamar: The Recipe feat. Dr. Dre
    18. LL Cool J: Cheesy Rat Blues

    And don't forget to visit stayhatin.com for additional goodies.

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