1. Stay Hatin’ #67: Analog Episode (AUDIO).

    Playing Walkmans live on air. Tight raps straight off cassette. (Pardon the technical difficulties.)

    SH says: This is the analog episode. We got to bullshitting and had the idea to record an all tape episode. Noz was with it so we had him as a guest on the show. Unfortunately, it was his suggestion that we actually play the tapes. Serg had the bright idea to record the episode at All Day Play which meant that it would air live as well. We had a stack of about 35 tapes, 6 Walkmans, and bunch of cables. About an hour into the show one of the cables hit the keyboard and stopped the recording just as there was a discussion about Yeezus — the Illuminati is watching. Anyways, Serg was able to salvage most of the show. There are some fucked up levels of stuff, but that’s to be expected. We tried to even things out as best we could but that’s the difficulty with using cheap ass Walkman’s and old tapes. It was a pretty fun thing to record and will definitely happen again but under better circumstances, like never do that shit live for the first time that’s for sure… Also because this is a tape episode the songs won’t be for download since we don’t have them all ripped. You’ll just have to find the tapes yourself or go make some Youtube rips.

    Stay Hatin – Episode 67 by Sergdun on Mixcloud

    Stay Hatin’ #67 Tracklist:

    A.P.G. – Action Packed Gangsters
    Bottom Posse – Angola Bound
    Ricky B – (B For Bounce) Shake It Fa ya Hood
    Slim G – Four Decue’s and Tyey’s
    Rappin’ 4-Tay – 4-Tay is Back
    B L A C K I E – Revolutionary Party Pt. 1 (0 Time 4 Fear)
    Big Melo – Strapped Assanin’
    Ruthless Juveniles – Gangsta Tale
    Digital Underground – GutFest 89
    Back Yard – The Backrow (Remix)
    Guce – Bonus Track ft. Dre Dog & Cougnut
    I.M.P – Scanlous
    The C.O.D – Straight Servin’ ft. B-Boy Mac “C” Hugh E. M.C., I.J.P & Cougnut
    8 Ball – Got to Be Real
    Totally Insane – Here We Go Again (Remix)

    [Via Stay Hatin’ ]

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