1. AUDIO: “Stay Hatin'” Podcast, Episode 18.

    When news got out that the last edition of one of our favorite podcasts, Stay Hatin’ , was lost forever due to technical complications, we nearly punched someone in the face out of frustration. Fortunately, the crew of Matthew Africa, Serg Dun and Soft Money has apparently conquered the digital recording process anew and returns with more raps (by Lil Chuckee, Roach Gigz, Nima Fadavi, Suga Free and Pimpin Young, and more) played and discussed… with HATE (or at least a discretionary ear – which mos’ folks today nonetheless still interpret as… HATE). Also on the agenda this time around: “Regional dance records, buying Skrillex shirts at Hot Topic and whether it’s actually possible to bite A$AP Rocky.” Plus… Stay Hatin’ ‘s “contract with America” revealed! Listen

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    , or check for full playlist and other goodies at Stay Hatin .

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