1. The Force Is Strong With This One: Pop Cultural Moments Starring Star Wars Action Figures.

    Those of us of a certain era will never tire of Star Wars iconography – meme-ed, re-purposed, visually chopped n’ screwed or whatever else have you – and The Interwebz knows this. Or more specifically, clever folks like those at 365 Days of Clones know this. The crew over there has created a series of pretty entertaining SW -related images entitled 52 Weeks of Star Wars that’s presently in the midst of its year round run. Here’s a small sample size of what’s in store in a URL galaxy not far, far away.


    Anakin Skywalker in Scarface.

    Star Wars Version of John Lennon & Yoko Ono Rolling Stone Cover.

    Luke Skywalker in Forrest Gump

    Princess Leia & Han Solo in Pretty Woman.

    Han Solo is Jim Morrison

    Anakin Skywalker on Michael Jackson Inspired Bad Cover.

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