1. These Star Wars Guitars are the Illest Things You Will See All Day (GALLERY).

    Some people, as the old back-handed compliment goes, have too much time on their hands. But in our world time is a good thing. What other commodity would produce these pretty freakin’ awesome customized guitars in the form of Star Wars Millenium Falcon and Rebel B-Wing and Y-Wing fighters ? Exactly. Each created over the span of as many as 3-months by by 64-year old Tom Bingham of Corby, Northamptonshire (UK), the retired printer finds inspiration for his collection of handmande guitars from found objects out of boredom. The functioning musical instruments even go so far as to include light up kit parts, which is just sickness, in a good way. But mostly it’s our opening to make real obvious pun… “May the Chords Be with You.”

    [via MTVHive via The Sun ]

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