1. Star Wars x Disney Memes: May the Farce Be With Us.


    First Times Square, now this . Unless you were under a rock (or, more understandably, underwater due to Hurricane Sandy) you probably heard the collective agony of millions of voices crying out in terror at the announcement that not only is Disney acquiring Lucasfilm, home to Star Wars and all the memories of our youth , but the company also plans to produce an Episode VII in the series. But just how Empirically evil is the thought of a Mouse Inc. Star Wars takeover? While the childish Episode I: The Phantom Menace pretty much left a bad taste in everyone's mouth for anything beyond the original trilogy, let's be honest here: George Lucas threw this thing away a long time ago, in a cineplex not far far away (*cough* Return of the Jedi *cough*). Nonetheless, the galaxy ain't too thrilled about the Dark Lords of Disney overseeing the damaged yet beloved franchise, and took the the world wide web to air its grievances. Behold a new rebel alliance...


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