1. ego trip Movie Night: Making The Shining (1980).

    Making The Shining is a short, fascinating documentary from Stanley Kubrick ‘s daughter, Vivian , who was only 17 when she was given access to shoot behind the scenes of her father’s film adaptation of Stephen King’s ghost story for the BBC TV show Arena .

    What she captures is at times compelling: a suddenly emotional Scatman Crothers reflecting on his career, a stressed-out yet honest Shelley Duvall , who admits her insecurities as an actress and is seen being scolded by an intimidating Kubrick, in what appears to be an attempt to coax a better performance out of Duvall.

    On the flipside, star Jack Nicholson is his facetious self, filmed here displaying a devilish sense of humor (and commitment to dental hygiene), joking for the camera in between playing a psycho hellbent on murdering his family.

    (Props to paget76 for the upload)

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