1. Shiznit We Slept On: "Stand and Deliver" (The Finger Man) Movie Remix.


    One day back in the '90s in one of the old ego trip offices, we decided that we wouldn't say shit was "excellent," but that it was "Jaime Escalante." Edward James Olmos portrayed (the real life) el math wiz del inner city high school in Stand and Deliver and his ability to tame that wild-ass, hair-netted ése Lou Diamond Phillips and his amigos with equations and abacuses always left a lasting impression on us. It's safe to say that the following clips will do likewise to whoever sees them. Seems a Youtube user named ‪CounterClockWise000‬ has re-triggered with extreme editing and bugged music some of the best moments in his favorite films like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom as well as Bloodsport and the results are quite "Escalante." Loco but Escalante. This goes out to all the crazy movie fans who appreciate a good, weirded-out remix, especially all you vatos locos out there. But don't forget today's lesson: Don't ever fuck with Edward James Olmos, ese, he knows calculus. Find out what that means after the jump...

    Stand and Deliver Remix (The Finger Man)

    Battlestar Galactica (Cylon Remix)

    Kali Ma Remix

    Bloodsport "Fight To Survive" Remix

    Big Trouble in Little China Remix

    (Make sure to check out ‪ CounterClockWise000‬ Youtube channel.)

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