1. Spray It, Don't Say It (Snitching Is One Hell of a Drug).


    Graffiti is very important to me. ego trip wouldn't exist if i hadn't published my little graffiti 'zine back in 1988. It was called Graphic Scenes & X-Plicit Language , and it featured photographs of graf and interviews - I had stuff from as far away as Germany. Sounds corny now, but it meant something back in the days before the Internet. Anyway, the pioneers of the modern graffiti culture don't call it graffiti, they call it "writing" because writing is what they initially did; those initial stylized signatures morphed into this technicolor, fire-breathing dragon. Philadelphia, New York - the kids there were into this stuff back in the late 1960s, and needless to say the movement has come a long way, Gravy.


    There is big money now and the graffiti people want to cash in - you can't blame 'em because the economy is bad and we'd all like to get paid for doing the things we loved to do as kids. One of the reasons why illegal graffiti is on the decline is because the Five-Oh done became super sophisticated. Please peep the link below to get my drift. But I must say, the wack-ass style shoulda been a dead give away, son. The above video is proof positive that being a Toy is totally a state of mind. And hey, if you're gonna do the crime, keep your mouth shut until your lawyer arrives - that's how it gets done in the 'hood at least. My man Bernie Madoff kept his cool better, and duke was under SERIOUS pressure. Your little graffiti bust is but a drop in the tear-filled bucket.

  2. You might wanna peep...

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    • EMZISM

      so , is "ROKIT" gonna have to buff that burner himself?

    • egotrip

      Good question. We suspect Officer ROKIT will let the Sacramento Dept. of Sanitation take care of that one.

    • http://nativescience.tumblr.com bE

      Conspiracy? Lol to do what? What herbs all involved

    • cenzi

      c'mon.. who didnt chuckle when they showed that dope piece and then showed "rock1t", hahahaha, I almost thought this was a joke.

    • Erich

      I laughed out loud when I saw that "RockIt" piece! What I am mad about is, the cop actually finished that abomination. That Escape tag was beautiful.

    • Tyrone Fuller

      how funny! those graffiti guys are complete douchebags!

    • rustledust

      hahaha ROKIT'S piece was dope.

      Perhaps he could join the other King of Snitches Cope 2 in K.D?


    • fromwhatihear

      i heard utah & ether got paperwork on wyse to. any one know if thats true?

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    • DEL4SEL

      I can't believe that kid was crying and doing an interview. So-called friends, huh?