1. Spike Lee "New York Magazine" Interview: NYC Before & After Gentrification & The Night The Obamas Did The Right Thing.


    Photo: Christopher Anderson/Magnum/New York Magazine

    In an engaging, at times fiesty and pretty darn long interview with New York , filmmaker Spike Lee was grilled by writer Will Leitch about everything from his latest movie, Red Hook Summer , to his thoughts on the Brooklyn Nets, his feelings about Quentin Tarantino's Django , and his various political views. While he refused to comment on QT, he did share his opinions about the "new" New York and revealed what he told President Obama after finding out the Head of State's first date with the First Lady was a night at the movies back in 1989 seeing Do The Right Thing .

    Excerpts from Q+A:

    On the changes of "Mookie's Brooklyn" and NYC in general: It’s so different. But it’s all different. There’s gentrification of Cobble Hill. Fort Greene’s gentrified, Harlem was gentrified, Bed-Stuy’s gentrified, and Williamsburg is gentrified. People lived on the Lower East Side and got priced out of there. Then you moved to Williamsburg—oh, it became too hip. Now they are going to Bushwick. What is going to happen to Bushwick? Next thing, after Coney Island, there is the Atlantic Ocean.

    Look, there are pros and cons. Is it safer than it was back when Scorsese made Taxi Driver ? Yes. But a lot of people liked 42nd Street better the way it was. New York City, I feel, is the greatest city in the world, but it will not be that anymore if it is only rich people here. And people want to stay here, but they cannot afford it. People have to be able to feel that they can afford to live here and their children get a good public-school education.

    His reaction to knowing that President Obama took his wife to Do the Right Thing on their first date: When he was sizing Michelle up, this fine woman, he said, “How am I going to impress her?” I always kid him, good thing he didn’t choose motherfucking Driving Miss Daisy or she would have dumped his ass right there.

    [Via Vulture ]

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