1. Sparkle Motion – “Miracle Blends” Mix (AUDIO).

    DJs TOBES and Yoda are Sparkle Motion (be sure to say that in your best Camp Lo voice). And the duo’s latest mix, “Miracle Blends,” harkens back to the days when mixtapes were actually, you know, mixed. And not only that, but blend heavy. As in, Ron G, Do Wop and Kid Capri playing R&B acappellas over hip-hop beats and making that shit live as hell-blends (GTFOH with your “mash-up”). TOBES and Yoda perform a plethora of mid-’90s era blends along with judiciously chosen hip-hop and forgotten R&B favorites (hi, Intro fans). If you’ve ever wanted to hear AMG and Tammy Lucas’s worlds collide in audio ecstasy, we know you’re gonna dig this. Listen, download and peep track list below.


    Mary J. Blige & Big Daddy Kane – Prince of Real Love (Blend)
    Prince Markie Dee – Typical Reasons (Swing My Way)
    Chi Ali & The Notorious B.I.G. – Roadrunner Bullshit (Blend)
    Little Shawn – I Made Love (4 Da Very 1st Time)
    Naughty By Nature & Jade – I Wanna Love You, Bastard (Blend)
    Positive K – I Got A Man
    Queen Latifah – Latifah’s Had It Up 2 Here
    Eric B. & Rakim – What’s On Your Mind
    Roz featuring D-Nice – A-Yo, Crumbs! (Blend)
    2Pac – If My Homie Calls
    K-Solo – I Can’t Hold It Back
    Portrait – Honey Dip
    Fam-Lee – Runs In The Fam-Lee
    Monie Love – Work It Out
    Intelligent Hoodlum & Tha Alkaholiks – Likwit Groove (Blend)
    Naughty By Nature – Written On Ya Kitten
    Intro – Let Me Be The One
    Kool G. Rap & Snoop Doggy Dogg – Ill Street Nuts (Blend)
    Heavy D. & The Boyz, Naughty By Nature & C.E.B. – On A Peaceful Point (Blend)
    C.E.B. – Get The Point
    Heavy D. & The Boyz – Truthful
    Jade – Don’t Walk Away (Sparkle Motion RMX)
    Portrait – Here We Go
    AMG & Tammy Lucas – Is It Good, Bitch? (Blend)
    Antexx and The Click – Understand Me Vanessa (Vanessa Yo) (RMX)
    YGz & A Tribe Called Quest – Street Jazz (Blend)
    Apache & The Pharcyde – Ya Mama’s a Gangsta Bitch (Blend)
    Real Uptown Love (Interlude)
    LL Cool J & Nice & Smooth – Around The Way Junkies (Blend)

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