1. The SP-1200 T-Shirt - Where Studio Gear Meets Your Gear.


    E-mu's SP-1200 sampler and drum machine is of course renowned as one of the classic pieces of hip-hop studio gear. So it seems only, ahem, fitting that the boom-bap hardware should appear on a shirt. A product of Redefinition Records , this light grey, soft-cotton tee features imagery (we believe) in part appropriated from a vintage SP-1200 magazine ad as designed by Joe Buck - whose fine work you may remember from other Redef and Slice-Of-Spice releases. In addition it comes with a very sleek looking playable postcard, also with emblazoned with the image of the SP. What it actually plays is a surprise hat you'll just have to find out when you order.


    Orders ship January 4th. Get it, HERE .

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • instant_hip_hop_in_a_can

      "you've downloaded the free rubbish albums from bandcamp, with rubbish producers posing with their MPC's/MPD's and 1200's on the art work... (cos that means their beats are banging) ...now buy the T-shirt. Let everyone know that you are "Hip Hop"(ish) by rocking this garm... a must-have for all all fly-by-night producers/wanabees and hipsters alike..."

    • instant_hip_hop_in_a_can

      i thought Re-Def woulda been above gimmicky shit like this...

      Kev Brown still selling Kev Brown coffee mugs n other tat?

    • http://twitter.com/REDEFrecords Redefinition Records

      Thanks, EgoTrip!