1. AUDIO: Southern Hospitality's MCA Tribute Mix (Free Download).


    London-based DJ crew/record label Southern Hospitality's highly popular "Twelve 12's" mix series is a simple enough concept: a dozen tracks with a common theme curated by an esteemed selector and mixed live from the OG 12-inch vinyl. The latest edition finds SH's own Rob Pursey digging into his cache of Beastie Boys vinyl for an excellent Adam Yauch tribute mix that gives equal shine to classics and lesser known favorites. Peep it, download it, and check Rob's notes, after the jump...

    Rob Pursey:

    "There's been many, many tributes following MCA's tragic death and every single one fully justified as the word 'legend' was not applied lightly to Adam Yauch. This is just mine, the latest in our 'Twelve 12" series and a small selection of my Beastie's 12" collection (could have done about five different versions of this) - including a few B-Sides, remixes and just personal favourite jams of one of the greatest groups of all time. The music speaks for itself. R.I.P. MCA."

    Download it, HERE .

    [via Southern Hospitality ]

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