1. ego trip Movie Night: Sound Business (1981).


    Cheap Ray Bans Sound Business is an early '80s documentary directed by Molly Dineen Cheap Oakleys that focuses primarily on England's Sir Coxsone and Replica Oakleys Young Lion Oakley Sunglasses Cheap sound systems. For those unfamiliar with reggae-dancehall culture, the film is a solid primer as uniquely-voiced narrator Fake Oakley Sunglasses Mikey Dread leads you through a fascinating view of an underground music network that stays true to its Jamaican roots, giving viewers not only some glorious vibrations for your ears but some insightful interviews as well. Replica Oakley Sunglasses Come see the crews make dubplates, build custom speakerboxes, and engage in a sound clash for the finale.

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    (Props to reggae page for the upload)

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