1. SEE, HEAR: Souls of Mischief & Casual Freestylin' on Canada's MuchMusic Program "Rap City" (1994).

    SEE, HEAR: Souls of Mischief & Casual Freestylin’ on Canada’s MuchMusic Program “Rap City” (1994).

    Nope, this ain't BET's "Rap City," but an up North equivalent that had the mighty Hieroglyphics crew members Souls of Mischief and Casual taking over their set to show the good citizens of Canada how the West Coast (of the United States) rocks. Tajai and Casual, who lives up to his name by literally lounging on the floor, do the honors of kicking something off the top of the head while A-Plus beatboxes and DJ Apollo backs him up on the wheels of steel. (Props to Hias74 for the upload.)

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