1. Solid Steel Radio Show — Cut Chemist & DK (AUDIO).

    Dieter from Sprockets , hold your head. Two damn good mixes of post-punk, industrial type music from Cut Chemist and DK as featured on the mighty Solid Steel Radio Show . From May 16, 2014.

    SSR says: This week the show has a distinct ’80s feel about it starting with a mix from Cut Chemist featuring remixes and songs from Funk Off , a compilation of music by 1980’s French post punk, industrial, minimal collective Vox Populi! and Pacific 231 . Cut Chemist discovered their material in 2004 while on tour/record digging in Milan where he picked up a compilation featuring their track “Megamix.” Originally released in the ’80s, the track was not rooted in disco, hip-hop & DJ history, but rather post punk and industrial influences. Music Concrete is what the collective would have perhaps described their approach at the time. “Wild Style on dust” was how Cut’s collaborator Tom Fitzgerald described it on hearing it 20 years later. Finding this record ultimately led to Cut Chemist tracking down the group, bonding over shared aesthetics and getting their blessing for this collection, which includes unreleased tracks, photographs and little-seen flyers and art from the group. The vinyl and CD are released in the UK on 9th June through A Stable Sound.

    DK picks up the reigns in a similar vein, but starting with Illum Sphere ‘s industrial edged Spectre Vex and then it’s strictly ’80s, including music from the UK that directly influenced Vox Populi, with tracks from Throbbing Gristle , Cabaret Voltaire and A Certain Ratio . Music from New York also features with Liquid Liquid and Death Comet Crew featuring Rammellzee and Italy’s version of Delia Derbyshire, synth wizard Doris Norton , plus the Francois Kevorkian produced collaboration between Jah Wobble and Holger Czukay .

    Solid Steel Radio Show — Cut Chemist & DK Tracklist:

    PART 1 – Cut Chemist

    Cassette Culture -Cut Chemist/Vox Populi!
    Relyoun Remix -Cut Chemist/Vox Populi!
    Metal Storm Dub -Cut Chemist/Vox Populi!
    Mystere Moyo -Vox Populi!
    Megastorm featuring Edan -Cut Chemist/Vox Populi!
    Mind Remix -Cut Chemist/Vox Populi!
    Alternative Fresh Club Mix -Cut Chemist/Vox Populi!
    Les Des Copenhague -Vox Populi!
    Satyriasis -Pacific 231
    Funk Off -Vox Populi!
    Madman -Cut Chemist
    Chabman Remix -DNTL
    Chabman Remix -Mumbles
    War In Pieces -Cut Chemist/ Pacific 231 featuring Deantoni Parks on drums
    Try Again -Gone Beyond
    Feet On The Ground -Cut Chemist featuring Omas Keith on piano and Mia Doi Todd on guitar.

    PART 2 – DK

    Illum Sphere _ Spectre Vex _ Ninja Tune
    23 Skidoo _ Coup (Version) _ Illuminated Records (1983)
    Liquid Liquid _ Lock groove _ 99 Records (1981)
    Doris Norton _ Norton Apple Software _ Durium (1984)
    Hard Corps _ Dirty _ Survival Records (1984)
    Death Comet Crew with Rammellzee _ Exterior St. _ Beggars Banquet (1985)
    A Certain Ratio _ Knife Slits Water _ Factory (1982)
    Crash Course in Science _ Flying Turns _ Press Records (1981)
    Flying Lizards _ Steam Away _ Virgin (1981)
    Throbbing Gristle _ Hot on the Heels of Love _ Industrial (1979)
    Royal Family And The Poor _ Art On 45 _ Factory (1982)
    A Certain Ratio _ Do the du (casse) _ Factory (1981)
    Cabaret Voltaire _ Black Mask _ Rough Trade (1981)
    Francois Kevorkian presents Jah Wobble, The Edge, Holger Czukay _ Snake charmer (reprise) _ Island (1983)

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