1. Snoop X KRS-One 'South Bronx' at HVW8 Video Shoot.

    Snoop X KRS-One ‘South Bronx’ at HVW8 Video Shoot.

    Here's a few videos from when HVW8 shot Snoop's video, Wonder What It Do at Taz Arnold's loft in Downtown, Los Angeles.

    We had a house band consisting of J-1 and Computer Jay (Master Blazter), Battle Cat and Uncle Chucc. The Party was starting to get live when someone mentioned that KRS-One was in the house. Snoop being a huge fan invited him on the mic, and we were treated to an unexpected KRS and Snoop performance.

    I captured Snoop and KRS doing South Bronx on my point and shoot. Then we also got Snoop getting down with the drummer J-1 (RIP) and KRS-One busting a freestyle with Battle Cat.

    Was a classic day and happy to have some of this footage to share.

    Snoop Dogg x KRS One - SOUTH BRONX at HVW8

    Snoop Dogg Freestyle at HVW8's "Wonder What It Do"shoot with J-1

    KRS-One freestyle

    Wonder What It Do video

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