1. VIDEO: Snoop Dogg Invites Paris Hilton to Her First Taste of Colt 45 Malt Liquor.

    Hate her or hate her , socialite Paris Hilton drinking a 40 (for the first time ever, supposedly) on this GGN News webisode as Snoop Dogg eggs her on is something we’re sure at least some of you wanna experience for yourself. “Is it an energy drink?” asks the novice beer guzzler. (Actually, there was some weird, flavored Snoop-endorsed beer called “Blast” out last year that caused some controversy, so we’re told, but this don’t appear to be it —this looks like the real thing, baby).

    The swiggin’ starts around 6:15 in (after he gifts her some Snoop Dogg house shoes).

    [Via Nah Right ]

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