1. Snoop Dogg & DâM-FunK Live on Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO).


    In case you missed it, 7 Days of Funk did the damn thing on late night TV last night, performing "Faden Away" and "Do My Thang." Snoopzilla was joined by Bishop Don "Magic" Juan Fake Oakleys on stage while Replica Oakleys DâM Cheap Ray Bans destroyed his keytar in celebration.

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://facebook.com/SONofMAESTRO SON of MAESTRO

      That's funny. You wrote "destroyed his keytar" I must have read it "destroyed THE keytar", as in "he played his keytar exceptionally well."

      That said, playing the keytar in an exceptionally average way then destroying said keytar is exceptionally WACK.

    • Rgeezy

      Dam-Funk x Snoop, can't wait.