1. Snaparazzi, Vol. 3.

    The world is filled with celebs and groupies. These are not photos of them .

    99% Problems But a Bald Chick Ain’t One: Not to be outdone by her ex, sexay girlfriend-to-the-rappers Amber Rose joins OccupyWallStreet protesters yesterday.

    Still Livin’ Large: Headliner Heavy D surprised everyone at last week’s BET Awards by covering Rick Ross’s Teflon Don (the whole album!) for his encore.

    Gold Diggin’ Blues: Perhaps no one is more stressed over the NBA lockout than the Basketball Wives.

    Coolio Back: It seems that rap chef Coolio is itching to get his musical career going again, but is having an admittedly tough time trying to fit in with today’s youth.

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