1. Snaparazzi, Vol. 2.

    The world is filled with celebs and groupies. These are not photos of them .


    From Runaway to the Runway:

    It’s what you been waiting for, girlfriend! Here’s a terrific look at the NEW Kanye West fashion collection which debuted in Paris (where the “niggas” be at!) this week. This fabolous ensemble, appropriately christened “Watch The Dome,” is rumored to match the actual measurements of Mr. West’s cabeza … to the millimeter!

    What's That Jacket, Margiela or Grizzly?:

    In an obvious nod to the iconic, very bear-y album artwork of Ye’s early musical catalog, this furry collab with Burberry is all that and a bag of chips at a picnic held up by Yogi and Boo-Boo. In other words, it’s an American classic!

    EXCLUSIVE! The Tupac Sex Tape Leaked:

    This is all we can show you from the much-chattered about XXX Pac video that has the Internetz goin’ batty. Let’s just say ol’ boy tore into that puzzy like he was gettin’ revenge!

    It's a Cold Cole World:

    Newcomer J. Cole (left) celebrates the release of his #1 album with ego trip fave Bun B. (center) and a barely recognizable Chris Brown (right), fresh from taping his new show The XX Factor (the only performance-based talent competition on TV decided by how well contestants can beat the shit out of their girlfriends!). Congrats to J. Cole, he’s waaaay more awesome than Drake!

    Pain in the A:

    Generously compensated underachiever Alex Rodriguez obviously had to drink away the pain of striking out in crucial situations during last night’s MLB ALDS elimination game, which saw New York Yankees getting bounced from contention. What an A-Rod!

    Happy Trails, Junior:

    Hank Williams Jr. might have been dismissed from his longtime Monday Night Football gig for remarks likening President Obama to Hitler, but we’ll always remember his special way of offering friends a hi-five. Are you ready for a career change, Big Bank Hank? Hope so!

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