1. Did Slick Rick Deserve To Get Boo-ed For This Performance at Last Night's Knicks-Nets Game?


    Replica Oakleys At halftime of last night's New York Knicks - Brooklyn Nets game none other than hip-hop legend Slick Rick Fake Oakleys performed - a special guest to commemorate a special night, this being the first regular season contest between the clubs at the Nets' new BK home, The Barclays Center. Unfortunately, according to reports Oakley Sunglasses Cheap Rick the Ruler was roundly boo-ed Discount Oakley Sunglasses during his set, leading Knicks' beat writer Frank Isola to Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Knockoff Oakleys publicly question Rick's status as a "hip-hop legend" (because NBA beat-writers are obviously experts on such matters). This in turn led to Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses Cheap Ray Bans a lot of people shitting on Isola on the Twitter Replica Oakley Sunglasses , and scolding the fans who showed so much disrespect to MC Ricky D. Well, today fan video of Rick's performance hit the Interwebz, and well, let's just say there were obviously some technical issues involved. Still, painful as it was did it warrant the boo-birds? Watch the video, egotripland people, and you tell us.

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    [via Deadspin ] Fake Oakley Sunglasses

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Pip

      Nets fan suck

    • http://www.facebook.com/digitalpharaoh Stephen Evans

      Nah. Nets fans don't suck. That performance did. I love Slick Rick as much as the next person and even I would've booed that...smh. Maybe his in ear monitor wasn't working.

    • Michael Jon Carter

      Its not really about the booing and its more to do with Isolas stupid comments about slick ricks greatest hits being used as torture etc. The guy really had no clue and decided to expose his ignorance on twitter.

    • Dj Mike G

      I'm a huge Slick Rick fan, but his live performances, at least lately, are pretty bad. I saw him a couple years ago and it was a really boring, half assed show. That said, he will always get respect for "The Great Adventures of", that's a pure hip hop classic.

    • cifrank282

      It's obvious from the beginning that he couldn't hear the track....so I say Barclays Center sound sucks......must've brought the same shitty system over from the Izod center....lol

    • http://twitter.com/The_Commission9 Frank White

      Legend or not he's there to entertain, he failed, they booed plus it's not like they were there to see him

    • zulunyc

      kill the soundman. he obviously couldn't hear the track - neither could I.

    • Mr Postman

      "Hey Young World" gets any party started!

    • Justified Slick Rick Stan

      I don't care if he performed the entirety of "Behind Bars (Warren G Remix)" WITH the Warren G verse, you DO NOT BOO Slick Rick! That is all.

    • skeezy

      He started off telling the sound guy to turn the beat up, as a rapper you cant do shit until you have established your rythm. i totally blame the sound guy, case closed.

    • http://www.facebook.com/acedebaser Tyler Walker

      I saw him last year in Austin and it was sick, maybe he had an off night.