1. Listen to this Slick Rick Vinyl Mix by Jimmy Plates For Southern Hospitality (AUDIO).

    Southern Hospitality ‘s excellent “Twelve 12s” mix series returns with Jimmy Plates spinning a dozen sides by the venerable Slick Rick the Ruler. As is customary with the series, the mix is strictly live, strictly vinyl. But rest assured Plates delves deep enough into Ricky D’s catalog to turn up more than just the time-tested classics. Listen and peep descript, below.

    Twelve 12's Live Vinyl Mix: 47 – Jimmy Plates – Slick Rick special! by Southern Hospitality on Mixcloud

    Jimmy Plates: ‘Slick Rick, The Ruler, Grand Wizard, M.C. Ricky D or Richard Walters as he was born in Mitcham, South London, UK, (YES that accent is real) has been one of the most individual and arguable the most influential voice in Hip Hop. After releasing his classic debut album for Def Jam “The Great Adventures Of” in the late Eighties, Rick fell foul of the law and spent most of the Nineties in prison due to attempted murder and his illegal immigration status, but that didn’t stop his influence on Hip Hop during this period. School yard favourite “La-Di Da-Di” was borrowed wholesale for Snoop Dogg’s “Lodi Dodi” on his debut “Doggy Style” and in part as the hook to Biggie’s monster hit “Hypnotize”, “Childrens Story” provides the back beat to Montel Jordan’s RnB anthem “This Is How We Do It” and was covered later by Mos Def & Talib Kweli for their track of the same name. The influence carries on through the Noughties with Jay-Z ‘borrowing’ lyrics, Andre 3000 name checking & Ghostface wearing Ricks oversized gold chains on the cover of “The Pretty Toney Album”. It don’t stop there with French Montana rapping on “Guap” by Big Sean “…diamond rings, hundred chains, Slick Rick the ruler” and most noticeably Miss Minaj on “Super Bass”; “…slicker than the guy with that thing on his eye” sorry Nicki no ones slicker than Ricky! listen to Raps greatest storyteller and find out why…’

    [h/t DJ Step One ]

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