1. SEE, HEAR: Slick Rick Behind Bars Interview (1995).

    Today we take a look back at a grim time in the life of Ricky Walters, better known to all as Slick Rick . The well respected MC spent five years imprisoned due to a shooting incident in 1990, in which a bystander was hit as The Ruler opened fire at a former bodyguard (and also his cousin) who had allegedly been making threats against him, extorting money, and had arranged an attempt on his life.
    In this special MTV report by Abbie Kearse (which was found on the Internet by UpNorthTrips , btw), Rick describes a typical day of lock up, shares his thoughts about Snoop’s remake of his classic “La Di Da Di,” and gives advice about staying out of the joint. See the full interview…

    Slick Rick MTV Prison Interview

    Slick Rick — “Behind Bars” Music Video

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